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The Tumulus Saint-Michel

le tumulus Saint-Michel

After the visit of the alignments, get some height by going to the top of the Tumulus Saint-Michel, to discover the monument and enjoy a panoramic view on Carnac and the bay!

A building which does not leave indifferent

A particularly imposing construction

If you come to visit us in Carnac, it is impossible to miss it: the Saint-Michel tumulus, placed on a high point of the town, dominates the whole landscape!

Nearly 35,000 m3 of materials skilfully arranged from the beginning of the 5th millennium B.C., that is to say very ancient for a megalithic tomb of this type, make up the artificial hill on which a chapel dedicated to Saint Michael is enthroned.

This monumental funerary architecture bears spectacular witness not only to the remarkable technical skills and particularly accomplished organization of the builders, but above all to the existence of a social hierarchy confirmed by the quality and prestige of the furniture found inside.

Indeed, the Saint-Michel tumulus, excavated by archaeologists in the second half of the 19th century and at the turn of the 20th century, corresponds to a burial site of gigantic dimensions.

It was originally intended for one or a few selected persons, buried in a closed vault in the heart of the monument.

Funerary objects have been collected (large polished axes made of jadeite The choice of the site of the monument is a matter of choice, as it is the choice of the place where the monument is to be placed.

The choice of the location of the monument fully contributes to its exceptional dimension: the highest point of the territory. Thus visible to all and from everywhere, the monument now restored by the Centre des monuments nationaux, allows, once the summit is reached, to benefit from a unique panorama.

The tumulus has been closed for several years for security reasons. But theexterior and the summit remain accessible and offer a panoramic view of Carnac and the Bay of Quiberon.

Wondering how to get there?

Head towards downtown Carnac, towards La Trinité-sur-Mer - Parking du marché.

le tumulus Saint-Michel
le tumulus Saint-Michel vue lointaine

DR, Centre des monuments nationaux

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