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The Giant of Manio

le géant du Manio

Let yourself be impressed by a unique menhir, standing in the middle of the woods!

A giant hidden in the woods !

A detour to the Géant du Manio is a must during your discovery of the alignments

It is the highest menhir standing in the commune of Carnac with its 6.50 meters height! It was erected at the beginning of the 20th century by Zacharie Le Rouzic and his team.

Isolated, it is located outside the alignments of Carnac, but a forest path allows access in a few minutes on foot from the alignment of Kerlescan.

It could have been placed there to indicate the presence of a nearby burial ground.
Indeed, a few meters from the Giant is the " Quadrilateral of Manio ". These small joined stones placed at ground level and forming a rectangle, probably mark the location of a tomb today very eroded, but dating from the same period as our menhir.

We have very little information but it is possible that this tomb contained several burials.
Classified as historical monuments in 1900, the quadrilateral and the Giant are now protected and are an integral part of the application for the classification of the sites as World Heritage Sites by Unesco.

The access is done by the paths of forest in 5mn with foot since the alignment of Kerlescan or 20 minutes with foot since the alignment of Manio.

le Géant du Manio

DR, Centre des monuments nationaux

and near the giant

The quadrilateral of the Manio

The quadrilateral formed by a succession of granite blocks, presenting a rectangular enclosure, probably originally delimited a tumulus, now disappeared.

This structure dating from the Neolithic period, oriented northeast/southwest, 37 m long and 7 m wide to the west and 10 m to the east, is located 500 m north of the Manio alignment.

The Géant du Manio, an indicator menhir, is erected 45 m to the south.

quadrilatère du Manio
quadrilatère du Manio

DR, Centre des monuments nationaux

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