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The House of Megaliths

La maison des mégalithes

Your best ally to understand and know the megaliths of Carnac: the House of Megaliths! Follow the guide !

Welcome to the House of Megaliths

Reception and interpretation center of the alignments

The Maison des Mégalithes is the starting point of the visit of the sites and a must to find the answers to the first questions that arise upon arrival.

Created in 2003 in order to accompany the visitors in their discovery of the megalithic heritage of South Morbihan, and entirely renovated in 2018, its external aspect has not been modified, but it has been the subject of a complete interior refurbishment.

There is a map of the monument, explanatory brochures, the ticket office for guided tours and animations, but also information about other megalithic monuments in the region.

And that's not all! Digital tools are also at your disposal to put the monument back on the time scale, to understand who built these sites and how, what are the different types of megaliths.

maison des mégalithes

Thomas Thibaut, Centre des monuments nationaux

A place at the service of the visitor

An accessible space "Carnac for all"

The Centre des monuments nationaux, which manages the alignments of Carnac, wanted to devote a space to a set of tools adapted to disabled visitors, but whose content is aimed at everyone, especially families.

An accessible interactive terminal offers contents and ergonomics adapted to three types of disabilities: visual impairment, intellectual impairment, hearing impairment.

The contents are respectively of audio type (with a finger guide and Braille on the platform), cartoons, and LSF with subtitles.

Tactile models present menhirs, a dolmen, and a mound. An information panel readable in large characters gives information on these elements.

Finally, specific visit booklets for visually impaired and intellectually impaired visitors are available on request.

vue intérieur de la Maison des mégalithes
accueil de la maison des mégalithes

Thomas Thibaut, Centre des monuments nationaux

Facilities for all

On the panoramic terrace, you can observe a part of the Ménec site from above and find an orientation table presenting the geography of the site.

A video room, presenting a film that will allow you to raise some questions such as :

How much are the stones buried in the ground? How many kilometers of sites are there? Are there many megaliths on the whole Gulf of Morbihan?
Our equipment is translated into Braille, LSF and foreign languages, and brochures are available in 10 different languages.

Two temporary exhibition spaces present, on the one hand, the result of the artistic work done by schoolchildren throughout the year, and on the other hand, the work of an artist highlighting the alignments of Carnac through his artistic practice.

Finally, to go further, a bookshop completes your visit by offering souvenirs and books for children, specialized or general public. All proceeds from the store are donated to the conservation and preservation of the monuments.

Free access all year round

salle vidéo maison des mégalithes

Thomas Thibaut, Centre des monuments nationaux

Exhibitions related to the monument

In video

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