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A world-renowned site

visuel alignements de Carnac

In the heart of Brittany, a breathtaking landscape, take a leap of 6,000 years back in time to discover thousands of standing stones!

A unique site in the world

Ready for a trip back in time ?

6,000 years old, the megaliths take you back to the prehistoric period, called Neolithic (the age of polished stone), corresponding to the first societies of farmers, between 6,000 and 2,300 B.C.

With its 3,000 monoliths, spread out in several groups, over a length of 4 km , the alignments of Carnac are one of the most spectacular megalithic sites in the world.

The name of Carnac probably comes from the evocation of heaps of stones. It is true that menhirs ("long stones" in Breton) can be found in Carnac...

The megaliths are present in all of the south Morbihan

27 communes of the Bay of Quiberon, stretching between the Ria d'Etel and the Rhuys peninsula, a geographical area with 550 megalithic monuments, 179 of which are in the commune of Carnac alone!

Indeed, the territory is particularly rich in monuments emblematic of this period of prehistory, when people began to settle.

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